Day 3 of the What Happens in France Tour and the Biggie Giveaway. Today, I’m also offering a short extract from the new book below.

You can win this super prize (a cuddly pug, stickers, signed postcards and a pen) just by downloading a copy of What Happens in France and sending me proof of purchase. (via FB or Twitter message)

biggie prize


‘Time for your first challenge. It’s a pretty basic one but will test your communication skills and determination. If you’d like to follow me.’

The contestants trooped after Laura to the front of the château.

‘You’re joking!’ Lewis exclaimed. Lined up on the drive stood three Citroën 2CVs. The first was covered in orange and black zigzags, the second had bright yellow and black panels and the third was covered in fur fabric so it looked like a woolly car.

‘You cannot be serious!’ exclaimed Donald in a fair impression of tennis star John McEnroe. ‘There is no way on this planet I’m getting into the woolly one,’ he stated, folding his chunky arms and pouting. ‘It will ruin my macho image.’

Laura held out three cards to Nicola. ‘Pick a card.’

Nicola took the middle card, turned it over and read, ‘The 2CV Tabby.’

‘Is it that orange one? A tabby cat. At least it doesn’t have ears and whiskers,’ grumbled Donald, taking the key from Laura. ‘But it clashes with my kilt.’

‘Jim, your turn.’

Jim selected one and passed it over to Oscar, who read, ‘The 2CV Bumblebee. Has to be the yellow and black one.’

‘That means we’ve got the beautiful furry one,’ said Bryony. She accepted her card. ‘It’s called the 2CV Furby.’

‘What does 2CV mean anyway?’ asked Oscar, picking up a prancing Biggie, who was keen not to be left out.

‘The 2CV name is an abbreviation for Deux Chevaux Vapeur,“two steam horses”, which is actually a technical legal term from the French tax code,’ explained Jim. ‘The 2CV was designed to fall into the second horsepower tax class. It did not mean that it had only a two-horsepower engine,’ he added.

‘So it’s got more poke than a lawnmower,’ said Lewis.

‘I think it has a little more “poke”, as you put it, but it’s no Ferrari,’ replied Jim. ‘Or “Fur-rrari”, Lewis.’ He chuckled. ‘It was designed for country roads not grand prix circuits.’

‘Jim, you have more knowledge in your brain than there is in an entire series of University Challenge. Is there anything you don’t know?’ Oscar asked, head cocked to one side.

Jim thought for a second. ‘There’s lots of things I don’t know,’ he mused before adding, ‘yet.’ His shoulders rocked with silent laughter at his quip, making Oscar snigger.


“Carol Wyer is back! Laughs aplenty and a heartwarming read.’ Mandy Baggot, author of One New York Christmas



My thanks to today’s hosts on the blog tour

Buttercup Reviews

Belle and the Novel

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