AwardIn January 2017, I moved from comedy to crime. It was a bold move. I’d made my name as writer of comedy and enjoyed much success, written features for and appeared in national magazines, been on numerous BBC radio stations, even interviewed on BBC Breakfast Television (twice!). I’d won the prestigious People’s Book Prize award and had a contract with Bookouture/Hachette to write 2 more romantic comedies… and… I was performing a stand-up gig around the Midlands, entitled, Smile While You Still Have Teeth to sell-out audiences.

Moving from one genre to another is a challenge. You learn skills and techniques while writing one genre that can’t be transferred to another and you have to treat the whole writing process in a completely different way. Where I had once written whatever came into my head and written larger than life, hilarious characters and scenarios, now I had to think up twists and devious red-herrings and imagine the mind of a killer. I had to plot my books carefully, research like mad and lose the humour!

Bold or not, it was the right move. LITTLE GIRL LOST shot up the charts to become the #2 best-selling on Amazon Kindle and even became a USA Top 150 Best-Seller. DI Robyn Carter was taken to my readers’ hearts and more books in the series were commissioned and written.

Earlier this month, I had the most incredible news – my crime novels had sold over 500,000 copies. I had to sit down. Half a million copies? How was that ever possible?

Having pinched myself several times, I checked the email again. It was true and I was astounded. It was beyond my wildest expectations and I felt a huge surge of gratitude to my publisher, to all of the reviewers, bloggers and friends who have helped promote my books and most of all to my readers.

I have always dreamed of selling million copies. I love entertaining people, whether that be by making them laugh, feel-good about themselves and life or by thrilling them and making their jaws drop. To know half a million people have read my books is amazing.

My sincere to all of you who have helped make this happen. THE DARE, the third book in the DI Natalie Ward detective series comes out in April. There’ll be two more after it and one further crime thriller to be written by the end of the year. I have plans for more after that and hope you will continue to read and enjoy my books. I have my fingers tightly crossed that one day in the near future I’ll be able to say I’ve attained my goal but until I hit that elusive one million sales, I am immensely satisfied with what I have achieved so far and can only say that crime definitely pays!



    1. Steph, you are amazing. I wouldn’t be anywhere without the generous support from people like you and I am so incredibly glad to have met you! I have more crime but I also have a list of comedies to write 🙂

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  1. This brought a lump to my throat Carol. I am genuinely so happy for you. I have never binge read an Author’s books until i read the first of yours then i couldn’t get through them quick enough. You truly deserve all the success that’s coming your way. Lots of love your #no1fan

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    1. What a wonderful comment and thank YOU for being my #1 fan. Your posts and comments really keep me going on days when I struggle to find the right words or can’t meet my word target. I can say, hand on heart, I love doing what I do and if it gives pleasure to others then all the better. I couldn’t be happier.


  2. You’ll hit your goal in no time. I thoroughly enjoy all your genres but I do believe you’ve got a special talent for writing crime novels. I am continually in awe of fast you write and do all the other things like editing etc. proud to have watched your success grow. Thank you for entertaining me so well. ❤️

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    1. Barbara, thank you for such a lovely comment. I’ve been so fortunate to not only have masses of support from people like you but a great team behind me who have guided me along the way. I confess I thoroughly enjoy writing crime and hope I’ll be able to keep you entertained for many more years!


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