Back in 2016, a nightmare (I get a lot of those) inspired the storyline for An Eye For An Eye. Waking in a terrified sweat, I made notes which were transformed into a novel, written in the rare moments I wasn’t working on the DI Robyn Carter series. After eighteen months of hard work, I submitted it to my editor, who rejected it.

Gutted though I was, the book was shelved and I began work on the popular DI Natalie Ward series.

In 2019, I reread and rewrote An Eye For An Eye and offered it once more to my editor who again rejected it. This time I didn’t put it away. I considered self-publishing it, but at the last minute, changed my mind and contacted an agent who had approached me two years earlier. An ex-editor herself, she offered to read the script and make suggestions to improve it.

Photo – Thanks to Javier Fernandez Perez

As it happened, she liked it enough to offer to represent me and An Eye For An Eye found its home almost immediately with Thomas & Mercer.

I was ecstatic when the book was chosen to be one of the Kindle First Reads in January 2021 and totally blown away when it became the #1 bestselling book on Amazon UK and Australia and then this happened….

The Bookseller

The moral to this tale is undoubtedly, never give up. And, if you have a script that has been rejected, put it aside, rework it and resubmit. And if you face another rejection, try again.

Never throw anything away.

One day, it too might be the next bestseller.


  1. Just finished An Eye for an Eye, held me from start to finish! Definitely not one of the formulaic thrillers that are out there. Now for A Cut for a Cut . . .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. David, thank you very much indeed. You have certainly made my afternoon. I hope you enjoy the second in the series as much. (There might be some news about the third one tomorrow!)


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