On April 6th the fourth book in the DI Kate Young series, A TRUTH FOR A TRUTH, will be released and I for one can’t wait for this date. I left my readers hanging at the end of A LIFE FOR A LIFE when Kate killed Superintendent Dickson in self-defence. How could she possibly extricate herself from that mess? Well, this book has the answers and much more.

The series has been a joy to write although it has given me many sleepless nights working out all the intricate plot details and themes that weave the books together. Kate has changed from the first book, AN EYE FOR AN EYE: in many ways becoming stronger and more determined to stamp out the corruption that exists in the police force she loves so much. Her morales, however, rooted deep in her soul, are now in question and so begins the mental decline that gradually takes hold of her in this book.

As always, there are shocks and surprises in this book. I don’t give Kate an easy time, or you, my readers! Be prepared for another rocky journey.

As for Book 5… It is already written and has begun the long journey to publication and I already can’t wait to share it with you.

In the meantime, why not check out the book trailer for A TRUTH FOR A TRUTH on YouTube ?

You can preorder your copy here: UK AmazonUS Amazon Amazon AUS

Advanced reviews for A TRUTH FOR A TRUTH:

What an astonishing read! There were moments when this book literally gave me chills. Brought a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes.

Robin T – NETgalley Review

The twists and turns and just superb! So cleverly written and you absolutely can not guess what’s going to be the outcome. Once again, you are left just wanting more and more and more.


The twists, the turns, the suspense – all just done perfectly. I can not fault this book at all. The Author has exceeded all expectations and smashed it out the water with this one. I really can’t emphasize how good it is.

Victoria W – NEtgalley review

Credit Feature Image  Josh Sorenson (Pexels)

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